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What's New?
Introduced a "new" panel approach for uploading/downloading to a website(beta)
This "new" panel works only on Rapidshare.com but we are working to extend it for other websites.
Open www.rapidshare.com in a tab, a upload/download panel opens at the bottom. You can upload or dowload multiple files to Rapidshare by selecting the appropriate tab.
  • Supports uploading/download on Premium and Free Account
  • For Premium Account users, it allows 5 parallel downloads (from the host dedicated server) and 2 parallel uploads using Premium Account
  • For Free Account users, you can add all files to the queue and Fireuploader downloads the files one after another. It waits for the download link and then downloads the file when the link is available.
    The files are downloaded overnight if you add files before sleeping.
  • Click here to watch the video on the demo page

Added support for downloading files in Google Docs.
Your files in Google Docs can be downloaded in various formats to your local computer.
eg. Documents can be downloaded as
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Html (.html)
  • Open Document Format (.odt)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Rich Text Format(.rtf)
  • ...etc...
Fixed bugs while uploading to Youtube and Flickr.
Fixed issues when uploading videos with special characters to Youtube and Flickr.
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All Features
Single tool to transfer files from your PC to most of your favorite sites
Fireuploader allows you to upload/download to multiple websites using a single interface.

User friendly Interface
Fireuploader uses the popular FTP layout for transferring the files. The local computer files are shown on the left panel and remote files are shown on the right panel. This enables you to upload/download files easily.
Transfer multiple files in 1-click
Select multiple files from left/right panels and with just 1-click, you can transfer the files either way. You can add files to the queue and Fireuploader takes care of uploading them.
You can also drag-n-drop files from Windows Explorer on to the drop-box. Drop Box can be opened directly from the status bar.

Thumbnail View on Local View
Click on the thumbnail icon to view the files of local files as thumbnails.

Multiple accounts
You can add multiple accounts for each site. You can even upload/transfer to multiple accounts simultaneously.

View the upload progress
You can view the upload/download progress in the Transfer panel tab on the bottom.