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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the Prerequisites?
1. Since this is a firefox extension, you need to have Firefox browser installed :).
2. You need an account for the web sites you are using in Fireuploader. eg. Box.net, Flickr, Picasa & Youtube. You should create accounts from their website.
3. Ofcourse, Internet. High-speed connection is recommended.
How to Install?
1. Click on the "Download Fireuploader" button.
2. You will have to restart your Firefox i.e., close all the windows and open it again.
3. Then, you should see an option called "FireUploader" in "Tools" Menu. Click on that to start with. (or) You can open the drop box by clicking on the Fireuploader icon on the status bar.
What are the ways to open Fireuploader?
There are 2 ways to open Fireuploader :

1. Full View: This view is opened using "Tools" menu and clicking on "Fireuploader". It opens in a new tab. It has 2 panels which shows the local computer files on left and remote files on right. You can upload/download multiple files either way in 1-click.

2. Drop Box: This view is opened by clicking on the icon on the status bar. It only shows the files on the website (remote files). This is a convenient way to upload files from Windows Explorer by dropping the files on to the drop box.

For more information, click here.
Where is my account information saved?
Your credentials are saved in your local computer. When "Remember Password" checkbox is checked in "Manage Account", the passwords are stored where Firefox stores the Passwords. Sometimes when you "clear the passwords", you might be asked to re-enter the password when you use Fireuploader.
I have 2 accounts for a website, How many accounts can I add?
You can add any number of accounts by clicking on "Manage Accounts". You can simultaneously upload to both of these accounts.
How it works behind the scenes?
Fireuploader uses the public API provided by the website. Each site's API is completely different. Some websites provides more features than others in their API. So we customize Fireuploader interface accordingly to each API.  In this regard, Fireuploader does 2 things...

1. It uses the "common" functions in the regular interface like "Authentication", "File/Photo Listing", "Upload"  etc from the given API. 

2. In addition, Fireuploader displays the site specific features in the "Information panel".
a. In Picasa, you can make the photos public or private in the information Panel.
b. In Youtube, you can set the category of the videos.
c. In SMEStorage and box.net, you can share the files to your friends.

Please click here to see all the site specific features for each supported website.
Why does Facebook does not have Download button while Picasa/Flickr does?
(or) Why my "right-click" menu is different for each website?
Each website has its own API. Please see the question "How it works behind the scenes?".
- Facebook does not provide a way to "download" and hence the download button is not made available for those sites.
- Similarly, the right-click menu is customized to the features offered by that website. Hence it is different for each service.
Why does Google Docs does not allow PDF files while the website allows?
Each website has its own API. Please see the question "How it works behind the scenes?".
Google Docs does not allow the PDF mime-type in their API. Please see this page for more information.
Why there is an pre-upload form for Youtube while it is not there for Box.net?
Each website has their own API. Please see the answer for "How it works behind the scenes?" question.
Youtube requires the category, tag information and description for the video that is being uploaded and Box.net does not require any "pre-upload" information.
Hence a "pre-upload" box is displayed while uploading to Youtube while it is not displayed for Box.net.
I cannot login to Rackspace. What should I do?
Your password for Rackspace is "API Access Key" you find it in "Your Account" -> "API Access" after you login in Rackspace Control Panel.
Your username is the same.
How to Uninstall?
May we know why you are uninstalling?

The goal of Fireuploader is to add as many websites as possible. So even if you are not using any of the supported websites, you don't have to uninstall it as your favorite website may be added in future.

If you still want to uninstall, you can do so by clicking on "Tools" -> "Addons" -> "Fireuploader" and then click "Uninstall".

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